Online blackjack vs. live blackjack

When blackjack games first appeared on the internet, most of us were under the assumption that blackjack technology had reached the pinnacle. And yet, a mere 20 years later, online blackjack games are having their dominance challenged by a newcomer, and a red hot one at that – live blackjack. You can play both of these amazing blackjack games online, but which comes out on top, and which is better suited for your needs? In this article, we’ll find out.

About online blackjack

Most of you will already be more than familiar with online blackjack, and how it works. Players are greeted by a digital table. That is to say, a computer generated table. From this table, players can stake money on blackjack hands and win real money. The game is merely a computer animated game, with a computer controlled dealer. Online blackjack is – in short – exactly as it sounds.

About live blackjack

Live blackjack is certainly, quite different. Instead of playing with a digital table, and computer animated cards, there is much more realism to the game. Instead, a live video stream from inside a casino (or studio) is displayed on screen. The dealer is a real-to-life human being, and the cards used are the real deal. Yes, there are still aspects of the game which are required to be made digitally, such as your bets, but this is a far more realistic online casino gaming experience.

The main differences between the two

The main difference between the two blackjack games, is that one of them is real to life, and the other is not. This doesn’t mean that the digital one is less entertaining, not by a long shot. If you’re after a more realistic gaming experience, with a real dealer, a bit more of an atmosphere and ambience, then live dealer games stand out. Should you just wish to play fast-paced blackjack, and want to try many other ways to play this game, then digital blackjack is on top.

Which has better winnings?

Neither. Both live dealer blackjack games, and standard online blackjack games offer the same pay-outs. That is to say, they offer the same pay-outs for the same games. There are a number of blackjack variants out there which alter the pay-outs. However, players will find that in your typical game of classic blackjack, both the live dealer and online blackjack games offer exactly the same pay rates.

Better chance of variants

So far, you are probably thinking that live dealer blackjack is far superior. But hold your horses. Online blackjack, has got one key asset which live dealer blackjack doesn’t have – yet. Live dealer blackjack is only available in a small handful of variants. Online blackjack can be played in many different styles. In fact, there are well over 30 different types of blackjack games you can play online. The number of live dealer blackjack games pales by comparison. This means that if you choose to play standard online blackjack games, you will have a far greater selection of variants to choose from, some of which will fit your needs more than others.

Which should I play?

Which blackjack game you play, is ultimately up to you. If you fancy a realistic and atmospheric blackjack game, then live dealer games are probably the way to go. However, you need a good internet connection to make the most out of those. Standard online blackjack games can offer you a far wider choice of options, though, and such a vast selection of options means that you are more likely to find a blackjack game which appeals to you most.