Online blackjack bonus

If you’ve ever played at an online casino before, then you will probably be quite familiar with online casino bonuses. Well, online blackjack bonuses aren’t really any different. These deals work in much the same way as they do at online casino site, although they are exclusively reserved for blackjack games. If you’re new to gambling online, you needn’t fret. We’ll go through these online blackjack bonuses with you right now.

What is an online blackjack bonus?

In short, an online blackjack bonus is an offer which you claim, either when you sign up to an online blackjack site, or a general casino. They can also be deals which are available to already existing member of casinos and blackjack sites.

Most blackjack based bonuses are match deposit deals. These match deposit bonuses are simple enough to understand. When you make a deposit at an online gambling portal, you may be given a percentage based bonus, which is applied to your deposit. This will then see the house offer you free money to play blackjack games with.

For instance, if you make a deposit of £100, and claim a 100% bonus. Then you will be given the equivalent of 100% of your deposit (another £100) as bonus cash. In short, you’ll have £200 to start playing with.

Another major form of blackjack bonus is a cashback offer. These bonuses are usually applied to your losses. For instance, a 20% weekly cashback offer could see you bag 20% of all your losses at the blackjack table back as a bonus.

Wagering requirements

How much are you prepared to spend on blackjack games? This should be taken into consideration before you decide to claim an online blackjack bonus. Almost all bonuses come with wagering requirements. These are the casino’s way of ensuring that you don’t run away with their bonus cash. A wagering requirement is basically a casino’s way of saying you must wager the amount you have received as a bonus, X amount of times before you can withdraw. For instance, if you claim a £10 bonus, and the wagering requirements are 10x the total bonus amount, you will have to wager £100 before you can withdraw. All casinos and blackjack sites offering bonuses have wagering requirements.

General uses for bonuses

What can I use my bonus on? This is a very good question. If you play at an online casino site, and there are games other than blackjack for you to play, can you use your bonus on those other games? The answer to that question is hidden in the name of your bonus. If you are playing at a general online casino site, and you have claimed a welcome or match deposit bonus, then probably, yes. However, if you are playing at a blackjack site, or have claimed a bonus which is specifically to be used for blackjack (it will say in the title), then no.

Where can I find these bonuses?

Generally speaking, almost all top online gambling domains will offer bonuses. The ones which have a great array of bonuses will also probably offer online blackjack bonuses. Alternatively, there are a host of specialist blackjack sites which also offer blackjack bonuses for you to claim.

Should I claim online blackjack bonuses?

Firstly, you need to check if you are eligible to claim such bonuses. Not all online gambling domains offer online blackjack bonuses, and some do not offer them to players based in specific parts of the world. If you are eligible, and you plan to wager big stakes on blackjack, then a lofty bonus may indeed be the way to go. Remember the wagering requirements, though.