Online bitcoin blackjack

Bitcoin casino games are really gaining in popularity at the minute. Although there are still just a handful of casino sites out there accepting bitcoin bets, this is gradually changing. One of the first, and most popular Bitcoin casino games is online bitcoin blackjack. If you aren’t familiar with how online bitcoin blackjack games work, this quick guide will help you out. Before we can go into bitcoin blackjack games, though, we must first discuss bitcoins themselves.

What are bitcoins?

Bitcoins are a digital currency. Called a cryptocurrency by some, this digital currency option is gaining popularity. It offers total anonymity, and can be broken down into smaller sums. One bitcoin is actually worth a rather sizeable sum of money. Bitcoins can be bought from sellers, or mined, although the latter is a complicated process, which involves processed transactions of bitcoin users in order to earn bitcoins.

Wagering with bitcoins

One of the perks of wagering with bitcoins, is that you have instant deposit and withdrawals. The other is that bitcoins offer anonymity, meaning you want to have your winnings taxed. Generally speaking, wagering with bitcoins is a simple enough task, especially on specialist bitcoin blackjack games. Bitcoins can be broken down into smaller sums, so you needn’t worry about having to wager vast amounts of cash when playing online bitcoin blackjack games.

Bitcoin blackjack games

Bitcoin casino gaming is still a relatively new process, so there aren’t actually that many bitcoin blackjack games for you to play. Currently, only a small selection of online casino software developers have begun to developer bitcoin blackjack games. Some of the blackjack bitcoin games you can play, though, are popular standard online casino blackjack games, which have been specially adapted to take bitcoin wagers. BetSoft Gaming is an example of a top casino software developer who have experimented with bitcoin casino games.

The rules

The rules when playing online bitcoin blackjack are no different than standard online casino blackjack games. You have the same insurance, doubling down and splitting options, and you must still adopt the traditional blackjack rules when playing. A couple of bitcoin blackjack variants may have some minor rule changes, but these are also announced in the game you are playing.

Where can I play online bitcoin blackjack games?

Bitcoin casino games such as blackjack are becoming popular, but they aren’t widespread yet. Currently a handful of online casinos have permitted players to deposit, wager and withdraw using bitcoins.

You are far more likely to find a better range of blackjack games at specialist bitcoin casino sites, though. These are domains which have been recently launched in time for the craze, and they only accept bitcoin payment methods. These bitcoin casino sited have specialist blackjack games, ideally suited for bitcoins.

Aside from online casinos, a number of blackjack domains have also come out of the woodwork, and they too accept bitcoins. It is always advantageous to play at a bitcoin casino, rather than a standard online casino which accepts bitcoins.

Can I play bitcoin blackjack games?

Whether or not you can play bitcoin blackjack games depends on two things. Firstly, can you access a bitcoin blackjack gaming site where you live? Normally, though, this won’t be a problem. Since bitcoins offer anonymity, you should have no problem accessing and playing blackjack games at a bitcoin gaming site.

The second aspect is your access to bitcoins themselves. You can purchase bitcoins via a seller, or if you’re skilled enough, you can mine them. Bitcoins aren’t that easy to get hold of via other means, though. Try and get hold of some bitcoins via the methods above first, and if you get some, then you should be able to deposit, wager and withdraw using bitcoin at any participating gambling domain, offering online bitcoin blackjack games.