How to win at blackjack

Blackjack – like any gambling game – doesn’t have a one trick rule, ensuring players of wins. If it did, we’d all be doing it, wouldn’t we? That doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t ways in which you can boost your chances of success. This brief handy hints and tips guide will show how you to win at blackjack, but keep in mind, wins are by no means guaranteed on every hand.

Practice makes perfect

One of the most fundamental rules of playing card games is this: practice makes perfect. If you are going to be playing online blackjack, there are a number of free demo games out there, which will enable you to play for free. You won’t win any real money, but you will bag insider knowledge of how blackjack and blackjack variants work. This can be an equally as impressive prize, though. If you mark down your findings when playing free demo games, then when it comes to playing for real money you won’t be surprised at what you find. You may even developer your own strategy for success, of the back of free blackjack gaming.

Hard hand tips

Some of the simpler blackjack tips to put you on the path to success are actually handy hints, based on what hand you are holding. Try and follow these rules when playing blackjack, and having a hard hand. If your hand is worth 5-8, hit. If you have a hand of 9, double your bet against a dealer who has a hand worth 2-6. Hit if the dealer has 7-Ace. If you have a hand of 10, then double only if the dealer has a hand worth 2-9. Hands of 11 should be doubled if the dealer has 2-10, and hands of 12-16 should be hit if a dealer has a 7-Ace. If he doesn’t stand. Finally – and this may seem obvious to most – if you have a hand of 17-21, you should stand.

Soft hand tips

There are also tips for soft hands which can be followed, to boost your chances of landing a win. Should you find yourself with a soft 13-15, then you should hit. When having hands of 16-17, you should double up against a dealer with a hand of 2-6. If the dealer has a better hand than that, then hit. If you have 18, only double if the dealer has a 2-6. Stand if they have 7 or 8, and hit if they have 9, 10 or an ace showing. Again, it may sound simple, but if you have 19-21, always stand.

Monitor your money

Players should keep tabs on what they are wagering. If possible, it is ideal to only bet with your winnings. You should never load your balance to keep playing, and whatever you do – never play high stakes hands in a bid to recover what you have lost. By only playing with winnings, you are assured that you won’t end up on a losing day. If you find yourself significantly ahead of what you started with, why not bow out?

Become acquainted with the Basic Strategy

Basic Strategy may be quite old now, but it is still highly effective, especially in online blackjack games with single decks. Try and learn this most basic strategy, as it will put your in good stead for winning blackjack games.

Learn blackjack card counting systems

You best way of guaranteeing big blackjack wins is to count cards. This is not easy and requires a lot of skill and effort. It can takes years to master properly. When learning blackjack card counting systems, you should be patient. Keep in mind that there are many of these out there – some more challenging than others. You should also note that card counting systems don’t work so well in online blackjack. Single RNG (Random Number Generators) pretty much ensure that multiple decks are shuffled after every hand. In land-based casino gaming, you may not have this issue, which can see card counting systems work if you learn them well, and you don’t get caught.