High stakes online blackjack

High stakes blackjack can be a costly affair, but as far as adrenaline and excitement goes, there really is nothing quite like it. Obviously, high stakes online blackjack games aren’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea, so only a select few are going to be interested trying their hand at them. In this piece, we’ll look at just how high, high-stakes games can go, what the requirements to play them are, and which types of players should give them a go. But first, if you aren’t familiar with high stakes games, let’s explain them.

What are high stakes blackjack games?

High stakes blackjack games are very simple to define. If you aren’t familiar with them, high stakes blackjack games are rounds of blackjack which are played for very expensive bets. We’re not talking £10 a hand here. In fact, we’re talking a lot larger stakes than that. Imagine how the rich and famous (with oodles of money to spare) play blackjack, and that’ll give you some idea of the sums of money we are talking about. Even then, there are two types of high stakes games.

Standard high stakes games

The most common high stakes games, aren’t worth truly high sums of cash. Instead, these online blackjack games will generally charge you anything from £50 up to £500 per hand. Already that is slightly outside the comfort zone for many of us. These blackjack games aren’t actually any different that standard blackjack games, with the exception that the table limit is fairly high. You don’t have to be a VIP player to play these high stakes online blackjack games.

Play for the highest stakes

On the other hand, there are online blackjack games which have much higher stakes. In these games, we’re talking about hands that range from £1,000 up to £10,000 and beyond. Now normally, you’re going to have to be a VIP player in order to play these games. The online casino will want to know a lot about your finances before they let you wager these kinds of cash. Everything tends to be far more formal in these high stake blackjack games, although the rules are again the same as standard stake blackjack games.

Are there any rule changes?

By and large, high stakes blackjack games adopt the same rules as standard stakes blackjack. Players will note that in many cases, the games are identical, and there will often be two choices in a game library – one specifically for high stakes players. In some blackjack games, the table maximum limit is merely raised, allowing low, standard and high rollers to play the same game at once.

Do bonuses count towards high stakes games?

It is inevitable that for some of us, we simply won’t have the funds to play high stakes blackjack games. Fortunately, online casino and poker sites are more than willing to provide us with a bankroll boost. Welcome bonuses and special blackjack promotions can often be used to build up your bankroll enough so that you can play high stakes online blackjack games if you wish. But are they for you? That’s what you have to ask yourself.

Who should play high stakes online blackjack?

Whether or not you should play high stakes online blackjack games is a tough question. Several things can be used to determine whether you’re ideally placed to play. What’s your balance like? Can you afford to lose? Are you comfortable wagering large sums of money, do you know how to play blackjack, and would you get the same satisfaction playing low stakes? Depending on your answers, high stakes blackjack could very well be for you.