In the world of online gaming it is often difficult to find the perfect type of game to satisfy all needs for entertainment, excitement and of course, winnings. The online gambling industry is filled with casinos that offer hundreds upon hundreds of titles from different software providers, with varying types of bonuses, jackpots and other perks attached.

It should come as no surprise then that the most popular online casino games are the classics – or variations of said games. As one of the oldest and most popular casino title, online Blackjack garners a favorable reputation with a huge following of passionate players who are enticed by its simplicity, exciting flow of action and great rewards.

Everyday new players seek to play blackjack online, but knowing how to play and finding the best place to play isn’t always easy. Let us have a look at what you need to do before you start playing.

In order to play the best game of online Blackjack you will need to look for several elements that constitute the complete experience – starting with the game itself and the variations available online, the way it is played and types of tricks and tactics you can employ in order to beat the odds. While Blackjack might not be as expansive and varied as other popular card games like poker, knowing all of its aspects will help you get a better understanding of what it takes to become successful at it. Let’s begin.

What is Online Blackjack?

The principle that made Blackjack successful as a simple, fast paced card game is used online in all of its variants. If you aren’t familiar with the game at all, here is the run down – a card game that can use up to 8 decks of 52 cards, the goal in blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand. While the general definition of the game to “get a sum of cards that is as close to 21 as possible” is correct, you could still win if you have a better hand than the dealer or if he goes bust. We will be explaining some of the lingo that is tied to Blackjack little later in the text.

How to Play Blackjack Online

The basic layout of blackjack is used in almost every online representation of the game, with slight adjustments for placing bets, buttons for calling actions (like split, stand, hit or double).

Once you decide on the sum, you place a bet and the game handles you two pairs of cards – one for you and one for the dealer. The cards you receive are always face up while one card of the dealer will always be face down. Once you receive the cards you have the option to either:

  • Hit – get another card from the deck which can be combined for a greater sum (closer to 21)
  • Stand – wait with the sum you’re already given for the dealer to reveal his own sum of cards

A blackjack is achieved if the cards you’re dealt are equal to 21 – this is an instant win unless the dealer is also dealt a blackjack in which case, the game is a tie.

Another thing to note here is the situation in which you’re given two cards that are identical. In this case you can split the wager, doubling your chances of winning with another round of cards for both hands. If you go bust, i.e. above 21 in any scenario, you lose the bet no matter if the dealer also went bust.

The whole notion of the game is to be able to “sense” when to hit and when to stand – it can mean the difference between hitting the soft spot (20-21) or going bust.

If the situation seems hopeless you can use the surrender option and you will get half the wager back instead of losing the entire bet amount.

Different Types of Online Blackjack

As a very popular online card game, Blackjack has been made into a variety of games with different options, bonuses and other additions, depending on the software provider. You can expect to find anything ranging from the traditional game to multi-hand blackjack, single and double deck blackjack, Vegas blackjack, progressive blackjack, European blackjack and many more.

The best tactic is to start off slow with the regular version and as you build your confidence to try out different games that offer more in terms of variety and possibilities of winning.

Tips and Tricks

As we mentioned earlier, it is a good practice to learn the rules of Blackjack thoroughly in order to better grasp the concept of the game. Different versions of Blackjack vary in terms of hands dealt, dealer hit margin, house edge, split options and so on. Knowing all of this information will keep appraised of the changing situation and you will be better prepared when devising a strategy.

There are many different strategies that can be utilized for playing Blackjack though since this is a game of luck we won’t recommend anything with 100% certainty. Anything from counting cards to progressive tables can be utilized to a degree you’re comfortable with. As for playing the game itself, never try to burn yourself out by pursing a losing streak – it is always better to try your luck next time than continue losing your bankroll.


Online Blackjack is an excellent way for card enthusiasts to engage in a simple yet incredibly entertaining online experience that offers a ton of variety, excitement and rewards. Be sure to learn the basics and play for practice before you play blackjack online for real – choose the right version of Blackjack and learn the rules, and most importantly, try to have some fun.